Friday, 13 March 2015

Adaptation B : Music ideas

I am thinking of using classical and old music box music for my background music and these are some of my choices.

Adaptation B : environment lighting test

My animation will happen in night time and I want to create a contrast lighting like number 1 but maintain the level to see anything, here are some testing I start with my models. I personally like number 3 but I am still testing to make the whole environment be more darker.

Environment Modelling

For my animation will be more focus on the texture so my environment will be set up with simple objects and be more expressive by changing lighting and texturing. 

Adaptation B : Character sketching and facial expression

This is the stages of Wrether gets more depressed and confused expressed by the increasing strokes .
Different design of his clothes and trying to make him more handmade with the etching texture.

Adaptation B : Sketching and story board from last week

Adaptation B : Wooden toy research