Monday, 28 September 2015

Minor Project _ Thumbnails & Visualise ideas

As I was inspired by those impressionism paintings, I have created some thumbnails today in experimenting and exploring what I want. These are some thumbnails I created about Hong Kong where I was born. In my memories Hong Kong is always busy and lot of noise, the atmosphere is very humid and foggy.  

I have also created something in Maya to visualize what is my idea on my mind. As I am telling my story with  lots of memories and flash back from the past, I think edit different things relate to my past like pictures and videos, will be interesting flowing at the background while I am speaking.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Art direction and style

For the idea of Hermit Crab , I imagine this kind of styles and impression appear in my animation because part of my animation is from my memonries which feel strong but quite bury as well. I have looked at few artists like Max Ernet, Georhes Seurat and Monet for inspirations.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Year 3 - project proposal- personal story

Over the summer I have been thinking what to do in the future and I would love to become an illustrator and artist for children books and animations. I would love to explore and focus more on my personal style and environment designs in the coming year. Therefore I would like to create a year project, an animation base on my personal story, a testimony of myself finding my identity and security.
My idea come from  the Hermit Crab and  visualise my story into this concept. Hermit Crab is a kind of crab which keep changing shells as they are growing. Since I was little, my parents always been busy in work and I was under care by different family members or nursery centre and I was always confused where am I going, who am I staying with. I didn't understand the different between shelter and  home. As I was getting older , it is no just about a physical home anymore but I went into different "shells" like family, school, relationships where people told me who I am, how I should be and what I should become.
The main scene will be the crab walking on the beach as the timeline of my journey. I would like to create different environments or world when the crab get into different shells/ rubbishes /objects, and the environments will be animated line up with my voice over.
These are few researches I have been looking at: