Friday, 28 February 2014

Life Cycle of Moss

I have decided to choose moss life cycle for my project.And I have research on Youtube video for further study. The second video have give my a visual understanding of the whole process.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Life drawing

We have started with the 3 minutes poses for warming up and 2 half an hour drawings focus on foreshortening poses 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Soundscape-Sonic concept

 One of my soundscape sonic art, I only use black and white for my concept because my animatic is also black and white. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Fantastic Voyage: brainstorming from the briefing

Dr. Peter Klappa was briefing us today about the new project" The fantastic Voyage". We were able to choose one of the reproduction life cycle out of four different kinds of molds and plants.As Dr.Peter was helping us to understand the reproduction life cycle, he started with our human reproduction which is sex. And this inspired me the theme idea of love and romance applying back to the project. Love and romance are more emotional feelings and that need to build up by creating its character, however it might bring confusions to audiences if is a actual character. In view of this, I think I can more focus on the body language of the character rather than the outward.

Friday, 21 February 2014

From Script to Screen- Final Crit

The Art of " Above the Ground"

Character- Biographies

Jack, He is 25, full of wonder, full of passion, full of dreams. It is a hard life for him that his parent passed away years ago. He used to live with his grandmother in a small house until he become an adult. Every year the government check their financial statues and because there is nothing left from his parents and he is still a young kid and doesn't have a high qualification of education. The government put him to the lowest classes of the country. And it is sad that they don't give respect to him and only give him a pair of old shoes while some of the people in lowest class still having the worst and second hand stilts. But it is blessed that he have a job in this society which full of races and inequality. He is working in the stilts factory . However, he is still angry with the inequality.

He is a teenager where reality has killed so much of his dreams and passion. He think there are so many things that would not be changed from where he was to where he wants to be. He knows that dreaming and wondering are only wasting his time to earn one more dollar, He thought there is no hope coming into his life so he block his all emotional side and living like a working machine, but righteous and justice live in his blood.  

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

above the ground - story boarding

This is my Final story boarding.

Above the ground- soundtracks ideas

During the time I am doing my story boarding and thinking my story, the song called'' Imagine" by John Lennon have come up to my mind. As I am thinking how can I use sounds to build up my story.Rather than having many sounds effect which might break my story rhythm, I am thinking to have a song or a soundtrack go through my whole animatic.And I have edited the songs.
The other songs is from Jason Mraz-" only human"

Monday, 17 February 2014

Above the Ground - Script

This is my first script but I am not really sure do I do it right or some more things need to be careful or add on. Welcome for comment please.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Final environment production art- designs add on of buildings

More final production art of the environment design.

Above the ground-Final production art

This is my final production art of my environment, character and hero prop. I keep it lose and simple because the Pre-Viz is more about the camera shots and i can spend more time on my 2D animatic, also  it will be more easy and clear to see when I model it in Maya.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Above the ground- Character Final Concept Art

After the Friday lesson with Meg, she suggested me to push more on the lines and shapes of my character as he is strong and confident, he should look more in square and triangle shapes with sharp and firm lines and shapes.

Above the ground- Hero prop final concept art

As I want to put the hero prop match will the world, I am trying to create a bit more futuristic and purple is my final choice of it's colour.

Above the ground- Hero prop concept art

This is my test hero prop and they are two legs in one and the connection in the middle are flexible material that people will be fine work their movement.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Above the Ground- Final environment concept art

More development of my final environment concept art, I was talking to Jordan today and he helped me to build up a stronger lighting with a darker foreground and I feel like the window is distracted with the street so I changed it to the wider street painting.

The CG artist's Toolkit- character design

We are told to choose a character from our story and define their characteristic and how their movement .

 And We design the keyframe of the animation.

The Jaws 1975-Steven Spielberg

The Jaws 1975-Steven Spielberg 
Fig1.the jaws looking at the women.
"Jaws" is a American violent film directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975.There are many shots that were under the water, capturing the movement of humans in the Jaw's eyes. Also it is noticeable this film have cost a lot money on the production of effects and the figure of the Jaws.Although the Jaws did not show often as audiences think, it is more successes to show it's character as a monster, mystery but it is looking at the human by the camera shots.(Ebert,2000)
This is a story about there are people have been killed in the sea and the main character-Roy who is a police, finding out that is killed by the sharks. And It is shown that the pride of humans when the mayor did not listen to him and still holding the summer event and people have been killed.
Fig2, the died man coming out from the broken boat

Although this is a film released in 1975, but still in these days the story works really well to make audiences jump.It can be seen that how powerful of this film in  the past .Also, The Jaws have given a good informations to the audiences of what is happening more than the character, that made the tension that the audiences want to involve and engaged with the lines.

Fig3. The Jaw is behind Roy

If ever there was an important example for how music can enhance a film it is "Jaws". John Williams

John Williams was the one making the film's score , It is known that the soundtrack in this film is distinct that makes the audiences feel like the shark is coming and building up the tension that they have to wait the things happen.(Halflidason,2001)

-Roger Ebert,2000,
-Almar Halflidason, 2000,BBC movie,
Fig1.the jaws looking at the women.
Fig2, the died man coming out from the broken boat
Fig3. The Jaw is behind Roy

"The birds" 1963 Aflred Hitchcock-Film review

The Birds -1963- Alfred Hitchcock

Fig.1. The birds poster

This is another horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1963 and this is a film symbolized the relationship between women and nature.The story was about Melanie meet a guy in the pet shop and he wonder to buy a pair of lovebirds and she brought him that and follows him to his hometown. But strange things happened in the town that people killed by birds and they attack the house. However the film end up quiet suddenly that they can walk though the birds and leave the town. (IMBD, 2010)

The line of this story was in Hitchcock’s style that started with a sweet, romantic and the character in the story was introduced to the audiences and build up more and more to main body. .( Erickson)
Fig.2.Mictch's mother
Fig.3.Mitch's ex-lover
It is shown that the story had a strong woman figure that the relationship between his mother and girlfriend and ex- lover. That they all trying to protect the one they love and being a strong, tough woman to keep the family safe.They have played a important characters in this film that gives a connection between women and birds(Steve Aldersley2012)

-Hai Erickson,
-Steve Aldersley2012,

Figure 1, The birds poster,

Fig.2.Mictch's mother,

Fig.3.Mitch's ex-lover,

Sounds inspiration -Amelie

I really like the soundtracks of this film and it gives me a inspiration to put Melodica,Harmonica or Clarinet when I create the beginning of my sounds and mix with our instruments for my world, It will gives a nice mood and emotion with my story.

Above the ground- Character concept and production art

This is my main character-Jack, I tried to created him a young man who work in the stilts factory, he is strong in physically but he is the lowest class of the country who don't have any authority and government don't even give him a pair of stilt as he is poor.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Above the ground- Environment concept art

This is the world street concept art in my story and I try to do the foreground a bit different from before. As this concept art is from story, I am trying to put more detail and tones from a house's window zoom out to the street, creating a motive feelings to audiences.

above the ground- environment thumbnails

This is my environment concept art thumbnails and i like the right hand side of both. 
Welcome for comment.

Monday, 10 February 2014

From script to screen-Maya Pre-Viz-Street scene

This is my Maya set up for scene1, a street that the rich lady waiting for the lift.
This is my background picture of the set.
I have put on lights and texture for the lift. And I like the first one which have less lighting than the second one because it works well together with background image's tone and the story's mood.

From script to screen -Scene 2 storyboarding

This is my Scene2 storyboarding and again this is a scene to provide informations to the audiences.
-The highest upper class, 1% richest people and the most talented people in the country, are living in the space  station.
-They have the best service and support from the rest of the people in the country and the have authority to  make order to the people on earth. 
-Because there are so many people under them, they don't work.

Friday, 7 February 2014

The CG artist's toolkit animation-walking cycle

From Script to screen-Scene 1 storyboarding

I am starting my storyboarding with Scene 1.
-Crowded on the streets, middle class citizen and business man wearing their stilts walking on the street.
-The people are poor only allow them wear shoes.

It is quite lose with the drawings because scene1 and 2 are giving a background information for the story. Therefore I was more focus on the camera shots by different distances and perspective s to provide those information to the audiences. But I am going to create a stronger tension between the distributions by putting more people in the scene.