Saturday, 1 February 2014

From script to screen-Storyline restructured

Title: Above the ground

The lowest class boy dream to live in the highest place

revolution of the wealth distribution happen in this country, government define their classes by the stilts.

[Outline of the story]
-Crowded on the streets, middle class citizen and business man wearing their stilts walking on the street.
-The people are poor only allow them wear shoes.

-The highest upper class, 1% richest people and the most talented people in the country, are living in the space  station.
-They have the best service and support from the rest of the people in the country and the have authority to  make order to the people on earth. 
-Because there are so many people under them, they don't work.

-Jack works in the stilts factory.
-He finished work and back home, take off his shoes, he looking at it and sigh.
-He is the lowest class which the government don't even give them respect to have a pair of stilts.
-When he walk on the street, there are only few people are the same eye level as him.
-People giggling when they look down to the lowest class.
-He unconvinced where he is and drink.

-The next day when he is working he see a first class man asking the  carpenter to design his own stilts.
-He is looking at the whole situation,he is really angry.
-He group all the lower class people to a secret meeting to destroy the first class.

-At night they steal the stilts from the factory as a weapon and travel up to the space by the lift.
-They get in successfully and the people in space station are frightened as they never think that is going to  happen 
 -There are many of them that the first class loss the control .

- The lower class win and they bring the first class to be the lowest for ten years.
-They close the space station and bring those money and resources back to a balance for the country.
Everyone got the own stilts except the first class.
Jack throw his shoes and has his own stilts walking on street .

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  1. Candice your idea is coming along really nicely :) I have further inspiration for you to look at to help you further your ideas :P

    I recommend watching it if you can, its all about a world living in poverty and dreaming of getting a pass to hitch a ride up to a utopia in space.