Saturday, 1 February 2014

Visual Inspiration of the story

As I was thinking how the lowest class travel to the space station which can maintain a group of people at the same time, the lift comes to my mind. Also I remember some of the scientists are inventing the space lift in the future and the lift appeared in "Charlie and the chocolate factory" gives me an idea of the design too. 

On the other hand I also think about the design of the stilt factory and because my story change the time to a more future, morden ages so it will look more clean and light atmosphere in wood.

 The space station I would like to have a same set of design with the lift and I am thinking about it is making with the glass in diamond shape which represent noble and eternal. The station will be covered by a really thin of gold which protect the radiation from the sun.

For the stilts, I think it would not show a lot in the animatic except the factory, so I will more focus on the scale, hight and the clothing of people with stilts and without the stilts.

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