Friday, 7 February 2014

From Script to screen-Scene 1 storyboarding

I am starting my storyboarding with Scene 1.
-Crowded on the streets, middle class citizen and business man wearing their stilts walking on the street.
-The people are poor only allow them wear shoes.

It is quite lose with the drawings because scene1 and 2 are giving a background information for the story. Therefore I was more focus on the camera shots by different distances and perspective s to provide those information to the audiences. But I am going to create a stronger tension between the distributions by putting more people in the scene.

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  1. I really do like these storyboards Candice, easy to read and I think that the amount of thumbnails you have from scene 1 will show the audience all of these movements you want to illustrate, this characters shame as he looks at his size and turns away. You said that you have 6 scenes in total I believe? Id just say watch the clock as we do have a minute to fill and just keep reviewing what you have and see if you yourself think it can all fit into those 60 seconds :)