Friday, 21 February 2014

Character- Biographies

Jack, He is 25, full of wonder, full of passion, full of dreams. It is a hard life for him that his parent passed away years ago. He used to live with his grandmother in a small house until he become an adult. Every year the government check their financial statues and because there is nothing left from his parents and he is still a young kid and doesn't have a high qualification of education. The government put him to the lowest classes of the country. And it is sad that they don't give respect to him and only give him a pair of old shoes while some of the people in lowest class still having the worst and second hand stilts. But it is blessed that he have a job in this society which full of races and inequality. He is working in the stilts factory . However, he is still angry with the inequality.

He is a teenager where reality has killed so much of his dreams and passion. He think there are so many things that would not be changed from where he was to where he wants to be. He knows that dreaming and wondering are only wasting his time to earn one more dollar, He thought there is no hope coming into his life so he block his all emotional side and living like a working machine, but righteous and justice live in his blood.  

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