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"The birds" 1963 Aflred Hitchcock-Film review

The Birds -1963- Alfred Hitchcock

Fig.1. The birds poster

This is another horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1963 and this is a film symbolized the relationship between women and nature.The story was about Melanie meet a guy in the pet shop and he wonder to buy a pair of lovebirds and she brought him that and follows him to his hometown. But strange things happened in the town that people killed by birds and they attack the house. However the film end up quiet suddenly that they can walk though the birds and leave the town. (IMBD, 2010)

The line of this story was in Hitchcock’s style that started with a sweet, romantic and the character in the story was introduced to the audiences and build up more and more to main body. .( Erickson)
Fig.2.Mictch's mother
Fig.3.Mitch's ex-lover
It is shown that the story had a strong woman figure that the relationship between his mother and girlfriend and ex- lover. That they all trying to protect the one they love and being a strong, tough woman to keep the family safe.They have played a important characters in this film that gives a connection between women and birds(Steve Aldersley2012)

-Hai Erickson,
-Steve Aldersley2012,

Figure 1, The birds poster,

Fig.2.Mictch's mother,

Fig.3.Mitch's ex-lover,

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