Thursday, 26 September 2013

experimental of digital painting from hayao Miyazaki

this is the recently animation movie of Hayao Miyazaki, release in this month, called 風立ちぬ, and story base on the time before and during the second world war.

those scenes really inspired me to think about the green tones, as Jordan suggested me to try on using hard brushes to make it my painting more clean and readable , i was trying to paint it more hard and not to blur.

From the past when i was in diploma course, tutors ask us to choose the painting we like and explore to enlarge the painting, to experiment the tones and structures. So i try to do that in digital as well , a i am not really know about the techniques while every time i paint and the colour will go darker and darker , the only thing i can do is using eraser to remove the dark and paint it again but that doesn't go well as the new colour will jump out next the dark colour.Would be great if someone able to give me advices about how to  techniques.

Le Voyage dans la lune (1902) dir. Georges Méliès.' film review

Le Voyage Dan La Lune/ A trip to the moon (1902) by Dir.Georges Melies,is a silent film produced in the early 19 centuries. Story was started from a group of people who were planning to travel the moon and start their journey to the moon. 

From the progression of humans history, it is noticeable that the story lines of people have read were also changing. By the time, people used to read stories about their own towns and livings, and keep exploring wider and wider by their understandings, Melies's film also shown that they had hopes in the future. But it is interesting at the same time as nowadays while people think about how worst will it be in the future and that can be also seen that movies in present which telling audiences how much humans have to depend on technology in the future.

This film was also appeared the imaginations of what moon will be looked like. It is noticeable at present that moon won't be the place where could find living things while in the past people thought was another planet with its world and own structures similar as in Earth. They were inquisitive of exploring their knowledge while now scientist are trying to find another planet is worthy to live, instead of living in this polluted world.

Further study of the scene productions, it can be seen that there were more element and style of theatre and stage designs. And this film was also appeared in theatre, which was interesting of how they organised the form from stop motion film to live show.

According to the comparison of film and opera, I prefer the film because that gave a focus to the audiences while an opera would have so many things going on at the same time. And I think the film had a good communication too even that was a silent film with not many descriptions and scripts.


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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

influences map 1-5

this is my first five influence maps of my project , as '' the lost world '' story location  was in the jungle, i am trying to research  the images  of swamps , rivers and rain forest which giving me the ideas of lighting and the colours in green but in structures.

from the text i have read have also mentioned red roof trees which big in scale and that really inspired me to think of scales and that can make my painting more interesting rather than just real. i think i should also sketch something small next to the big object as a compare to the object. I also found some pictures from my friend, the picture was taken when he travelled, hiked to mountains and the whole landscape was really pretty and smooth, that help me to understand more how to make the composition more wide and deep. I also look at some of them which is rocky mountains because there is not only humidly forest but also dry and rocky after eruption.

 After looking at the reality, i am doing the researches which are the digital paintings people have done in the internet and those are helpful for creating the mood and colouring. It also inspired me of lighting of the weather as well.  According to map1, those are more sunny and good quality of colour ,but if i am going to create a painting, i should also think about the weather as it is another way to create mood. 

i have also looked at the animations from big companies such as pixar and disney. That could help me to keep my painting clean and readable because animation is also a kind of communication to audiences and readers. By the time creating thumbnails, sometime it just want more and more things to put into the screen, and that is not really healthy and have good outcomes, from their animations i found that if i really want to put details in my painting , should close up to one or two objects and explore in it so that wont out of focus to people .

My final influences map is my favourite artist who inspired me quite a lot when i was young and now. He is Hayao Miyazaki who is a japanese animation artist. I chose to look at his work because most of his animations story were based on wars, environment and pollution which have many scenes were in forest and trees. I also felt his works are emotional and telling stories with humans and the nature .

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari film review

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), a black& white silent film inspired so many people of film making ,famous not only because the horror storyline with twist ending but also about the perspective and composition of the buildings and structure of the scenes.
this is a story start with a young man called Francis and his friend Alan went to an exhibit and during the show,a doctor introduced somnambulist Cesare who sleep for years and years and he have the power to wake hime up. Alan stand up and ask about ''How long i have to live?' he answered '' till dawn tomorrow.''And at that night Alan was murdered,this made Francis start to find out who is the killer, and brought out the following murders.

while i was watching it, the perspective and composition of this film were more attracting to me as i found that even the film was black and white , slow and silent , that still keep a great atmosphere and mood in the film. One of the reason i think that is attractive is the lighting really let people focus in strong comparative and this film also makes me think about Escher who sketching with pencils with many points of perspective in one sketching, with structures and readable,that also shown how powerful of lighting can make things in quality.

And 1920s was also the starting time of Surrealism movement , that gave a big opportunity and spaces to artist  to  explore and create a new definition from the past and written a new page of art movement. ''The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari'' also made me think as a surrealistic films , that brought out the aim of the movement from paintings to a film by the time of technology , and i think those are the reason i like this film.

i have also sketched some composition of the scenes during the lecture which i think it could help for my thumbnails inspirations with more references .

quoted  from

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

thumbnails 12-45 with pencil and photoshop

continue my thumbnails sketching in process and i have done half and half with pencils and photoshop so i can keep my photoshop in practice and also did quick sketching for ideas. But don't really know what means good so still keep on sketching for experimental.

and  i sketched the boxes below with photoshop, keep practicing my skills with different brushes. Some of them i zoomed really close and some of them i sketched as normal size. After i finished every single box, i found the bottom right group of boxes were connected with the black. It is interesting while that is not i expected to create new form of  structure from mountains and trees.

by the time i finished few pages of thumbnails , i think i should start organise my researches and inspirations from pictures, artists and books as a little summary to go more further .

thumbnails 1-11 & photoshop -tutorial with brush

during the afternoon , we were having the introduction of using photoshop, creating digital paintings and i am excited and amazed that how powerful of photoshop is. 
We started to look at different brushes and functions, as that will really helpful to explore our ways and styles . we have to create a 16:9 ration of digital paintings. 

i started experimenting different brushes,opacity and flow, and try to create a jungle with different shapes and texture. When i was in diploma course, we did many sketches and paints and that really help me to be in mind some of the principle are really important and need to be careful ,such as the colour can make my paint more in depth, while the objects were closer should be darker than the objects far away in the composition.

 after that, we started making our thumbnails in photoshop, also the lecture giving us examples and inspirations that we should not spend too much time on one sketching but keep it simple stupid, as keep moving and progressing we can find more to explore , select and delete ideas in cheap .

after i finished the work on last post , i was thinking to have more possibility of my composition and inspiration from the book but not just do something for the specific story, so i have sketched some of the thumbnails ,didn't look good but help me a lot in progression. and i know that is the right direction to move on , and i also try to use what i have learnt today , applied create thumbnails with photoshop

and try not to spend too much time on skills but get used to sketch with tablet as well . and i am happy to sketch in photoshop as it is easy to create the mood and smooth while using pencils you well need more time to blend with darkness and lines. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

the lost world -sir arthur conan doyle 1912- research &inspiration

 i am exploring my painting from the chapter was given and this is my first time i used tablet with Sketchbook express as i did not know well with photoshop,this is just a little flavour of getting use to the way of using tablet pen and tablet for tomorrow 

this is the texts that my first inspiration painting come from and i should name my painting 
"the remarkable expedition'' 
 this is the scene of they got full preparation for the next day, starting their long journey of the adventure ,using canoes to go deep into the forest , although i think that colour tone is good, i am still learning how to control well with my tablet pen so there a big improvement should be progressed .
but now,i think i should back to basic , start sketching with pen and explore my ideas more rather than only concentrate on the skills
 also  from the painting above , reminded me visual research is important to my sketching too, this story is really famous and many people reproduced it to film. therefore i am searching some of the pictures and scenes to give me more details and realistic to my paintings

 those pictures giving me the mood and scale of the jungle and also let me think more about the perspective of how i should arrange the compositions.

and i also found this oldest version film of this story , produced by the first national pictures at1925 that is interesting because it only got soundtracks and text description with the video like stop but i think that was already a big production for stop motion at that time.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Mystery Blue Box

Yesterday, we were having the introduction and little briefing about the course. There are three different areas of learning till to Christmas

 contextual studies
 CG artist's toolkit 
space and environment

that will be a new page of exploring my technique and creativity.    
nearly the end of the lecture, we were asked to take a piece of paper from the mysterious blue box 
as the beginning of our journey.

Project 1: Cinematic Spaces
Mine was "folder 5'' which is the book we expect to read on my UCA and inspired to create 3 fully-resolved  conceptual paintings ,develop to digital paintings.

The Lost World - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - 1912 

i think this film is famous to people but not everyone read the book. Texts can provide a big spaces for imagination.So i am starting to read two specific chapters which were given and also develop my ideas.
chapter 8 the outlying pickets of the new world 
chapter 12 it was dreadful in the forest .

When i  read the project brief and the main aim of this project is 

"to promote importance of pre-production to the creation of CG environments, and
understanding for conventions employed in the creation of naturalistic and
metaphoric spaces''

this is interesting as pre-production seems really important to be the role of  foundation and background to create CG works , and i am going to know more in the coming Tuesday

Thursday, 19 September 2013

summer project 2

this is the development from the 101 sketches

summer project

the summer is over and finally done my work but still use to update my blog and from the time doing my work