Saturday, 21 September 2013

Mystery Blue Box

Yesterday, we were having the introduction and little briefing about the course. There are three different areas of learning till to Christmas

 contextual studies
 CG artist's toolkit 
space and environment

that will be a new page of exploring my technique and creativity.    
nearly the end of the lecture, we were asked to take a piece of paper from the mysterious blue box 
as the beginning of our journey.

Project 1: Cinematic Spaces
Mine was "folder 5'' which is the book we expect to read on my UCA and inspired to create 3 fully-resolved  conceptual paintings ,develop to digital paintings.

The Lost World - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - 1912 

i think this film is famous to people but not everyone read the book. Texts can provide a big spaces for imagination.So i am starting to read two specific chapters which were given and also develop my ideas.
chapter 8 the outlying pickets of the new world 
chapter 12 it was dreadful in the forest .

When i  read the project brief and the main aim of this project is 

"to promote importance of pre-production to the creation of CG environments, and
understanding for conventions employed in the creation of naturalistic and
metaphoric spaces''

this is interesting as pre-production seems really important to be the role of  foundation and background to create CG works , and i am going to know more in the coming Tuesday

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  1. Hey Candice,

    Nice summary post - get stuck in! :)