Sunday, 22 September 2013

the lost world -sir arthur conan doyle 1912- research &inspiration

 i am exploring my painting from the chapter was given and this is my first time i used tablet with Sketchbook express as i did not know well with photoshop,this is just a little flavour of getting use to the way of using tablet pen and tablet for tomorrow 

this is the texts that my first inspiration painting come from and i should name my painting 
"the remarkable expedition'' 
 this is the scene of they got full preparation for the next day, starting their long journey of the adventure ,using canoes to go deep into the forest , although i think that colour tone is good, i am still learning how to control well with my tablet pen so there a big improvement should be progressed .
but now,i think i should back to basic , start sketching with pen and explore my ideas more rather than only concentrate on the skills
 also  from the painting above , reminded me visual research is important to my sketching too, this story is really famous and many people reproduced it to film. therefore i am searching some of the pictures and scenes to give me more details and realistic to my paintings

 those pictures giving me the mood and scale of the jungle and also let me think more about the perspective of how i should arrange the compositions.

and i also found this oldest version film of this story , produced by the first national pictures at1925 that is interesting because it only got soundtracks and text description with the video like stop but i think that was already a big production for stop motion at that time.


  1. Lovely to see these old clips on here, Candice :) You will especially enjoy the original version of King Kong when I show it in week 3!

    Something to think about too; because your creating concept art for an animated version, you can think in more stylised ways. For example, take a look at the natural environments for the cartoon Samurai Jack:

    or the jungle paintings of Henri Rousseau:

    Remember, you're creating concept art for an animation, not a feature film or movie. Some animated films are indeed photo-realistic (Avatar, for example), but many animated films are much more 'arty' and painterly or graphical - because they don't have to be 'the real world'.

    Keep having fun, and keep researching and looking - great stuff!

    1. yea, that is really helpful to me because i thought we need to base on the book to create paintings and i am going to look at herri rousseau's paintings for references :) better than just search on google :) thank you very much