Wednesday, 25 September 2013

influences map 1-5

this is my first five influence maps of my project , as '' the lost world '' story location  was in the jungle, i am trying to research  the images  of swamps , rivers and rain forest which giving me the ideas of lighting and the colours in green but in structures.

from the text i have read have also mentioned red roof trees which big in scale and that really inspired me to think of scales and that can make my painting more interesting rather than just real. i think i should also sketch something small next to the big object as a compare to the object. I also found some pictures from my friend, the picture was taken when he travelled, hiked to mountains and the whole landscape was really pretty and smooth, that help me to understand more how to make the composition more wide and deep. I also look at some of them which is rocky mountains because there is not only humidly forest but also dry and rocky after eruption.

 After looking at the reality, i am doing the researches which are the digital paintings people have done in the internet and those are helpful for creating the mood and colouring. It also inspired me of lighting of the weather as well.  According to map1, those are more sunny and good quality of colour ,but if i am going to create a painting, i should also think about the weather as it is another way to create mood. 

i have also looked at the animations from big companies such as pixar and disney. That could help me to keep my painting clean and readable because animation is also a kind of communication to audiences and readers. By the time creating thumbnails, sometime it just want more and more things to put into the screen, and that is not really healthy and have good outcomes, from their animations i found that if i really want to put details in my painting , should close up to one or two objects and explore in it so that wont out of focus to people .

My final influences map is my favourite artist who inspired me quite a lot when i was young and now. He is Hayao Miyazaki who is a japanese animation artist. I chose to look at his work because most of his animations story were based on wars, environment and pollution which have many scenes were in forest and trees. I also felt his works are emotional and telling stories with humans and the nature .


  1. Hey Candice I'm one of your creative partners :).

    I'm really liking your influence maps, a lovely range of imagery going on. I can't wait too see these being brought into your thumbnail sketches.

    1. hi ruby :)
      try to keep organise my mind with so many things come up at the same time!! but yea , really enjoyed to create mood board :)

  2. Great set of influence maps...a really good mix of style and already understanding your world. Remember to use research to inform your sketching, and vice versa. Things are already developing nicely, keep it up :)

    1. thank you Jordan and influences maps really help me to summarise my inspirations and ideas during the time i researching and creating my thumbnails :) try to keep myself in progress everyday so i can view more comments and carry on :)