Monday, 25 November 2013

development of final concept &hero prop 75-81

i am also added more green and blue to gain the atmosphere under the swamp and dramatic.

After the OGR by suggesting to create a harder cell , i have create more egg cell designs
i like this one with smooth curve lines and open the cell like a flower and i think it is more united with my concept and the character. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

life drawing class

 Life drawing with paint, really enjoyed the time to be relaxed and focus on drawing.

i chose blue and yellow for the colour and mixing to create the grey and i tried not to start with sketching the draft but colouring with shapes of the light.
This one was challenging as the perspective of the model was quite flat and it should be shorter than the normal size.but i think i should also give the painting a base so it make more sense.

online green light review 2

Monday, 18 November 2013

testing colour of the thumbnails 58-74

Doing the colour testing by using colour balance in photoshop and thinking which one will be more fit for my secret lair - Bayou Inventor .

develop thumbnail 57

more process on the details and thinking about the heartbeat monitor and the heater, also creating more details in the fore ground as well.

detail development of the final concept 52-56

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Develop thumbnail 50-51

this is the development of my final thumbnail from last paint over.Jordan suggested me to think about the architecture of the lair as the environment around this, is a swamp. Therefore, i was trying to create more organic and rocky texture.But not really sure should i add the character into the lair, comment please.

CG Artist's toolkit- Maya digital set modelling

 digital set modelling in Maya

Friday, 15 November 2013

CG artist Toolkit - Balls animation (final)

Bouncing Ball
By learning from las time, i changed the ball distance for each frame so it can gain speed when the ball drop down and slower when it against the gravity.
Bowling Ball
it is also important of the material of the objects that they have different weight and motion.

CG artist toolkit -balls animation (trial)

Those Animation were not good enough as they didnt have the same sizes in each frame and the speed were not right , so i am going to do it again

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Photoshop pain over of the 3D blocking

This is my hero prop texturing with photoshop, playing with different brushes to create a organic surface.

This is the paint over from the Maya blocking, but the size from Maya and photoshop was different even i have change the size in Maya to 16:9,  that makes my image more wider than the original . Is anyone can help me please?

Monday, 11 November 2013

3D blocking out of the secret lair (1)

From the photoshop class, Jordan suggested me to use Maya to block out the spaces so it could create more interesting composition quickly, This is a develop process from thumbnails 36 and 38  i was also applying the learning from Maya, creating the sphere for the atmosphere for my lair.

After that i was trying to film my digital set in different angles and render it with simple lighting and texture to see the effects.

thumbnails 39-49

Continuing with my the last colour thumbnails, i was trying to rearrange the composition and i like number 36 and 38 as it showed more organic and interesting. Also i was trying to make it more functional as well with the heat and light sources .