Wednesday, 20 November 2013

online green light review 2


  1. OGR 20/11/2013

    Hey Candice,

    I'm getting in early here, so thanks for posting your OGR so promptly. I think you're good to go into production - but I would suggest that you need to finesse your egg prop just a little more so; right now, they're looking totally organic as if they're actually eggs, when they're artificial containers - so I'd like to see you detail them - perhaps with some indication they've been manufactured, that they're canisters that can be opened. I'd like to see you think about giving them a few additional details that make them read as 'apparatus' as opposed to natural eggs. The other issue is lighting - because I think it could still get a little more dramatic - but this can be investigated in Maya I think. In terms of your computer console, I think this could still do with being punchier in terms colour - again - a sense of something more 'artificial' and 'high-tech' in this otherwise very natural world. Really looking forward to seeing you translate this into your digital set, Candice - onwards!