Tuesday, 5 November 2013

further influences maps 6-8

 i think my secret lair (Bayou inventor) was quite tricky as the environment around the character is like amazon swamp with natural and organic living things while an inventor is more scientific and human making structure , so i feel a bit confused with designing the environment of the secret lair or the interior design of the secret lairs. By developing the thumbnails i am trying to design an interior space but it could also show the environment of the building. And i think submarine have the same function as i thought , inside the machine but though the glass u can see the sea.

And i was watching a documentary the observation under a swamp and that is really muddy and unclear but u can still see the seaweed , and i think that is a good colour influencing with the muddy colour and these colours can also apply in my interior space so it will more united with outside.   

During the Photoshop lesson, Jordan was giving me an idea of the material of this secret lair while in amazon we cant found steel and metals, the aboriginal will use wood to make their house.And i have found some interesting images with the tree was also a part of the house and the bottom right one was the most similar to my idea.

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