Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Online Greenlight Review 1


  1. OGR 08/11/2013

    Evening Candice,

    Thanks for being so patient :)

    In short, I really like the direction of your project so far. Your reasoning as to why the inventor would set up his laboratory is nicely logical - going to a place renowned for its diversity of life-forms and potential for new cures etc. I like lots of your thumbnails, and I like too the idea of the laboratory itself being organic, like the tree house interiors. In short, I look forward to see you develop all of this further! Onwards!

  2. ... and just some visual references that occurred to me later: you might want to look at the set-ups and equipment of hydroponics:

    There's also this great/horrible scene in the 4th Alien movie - Alien Resurrection - with this great/horrible room of failed clones suspended in all these big jars:

    Just one other thing to think about would be if this is indeed a fantasy scene or a 'horror' scene you're creating - just in terms of thinking about your lighting and your mood; there's something about your thumbnails that is a bit more 'horror' - which I think is a good thing! Another film you might want to look at in light of your story is the film Splice:

    1. thank you phil:) and also the references , is going to look at the prometheus as well:)