Monday, 11 November 2013

thumbnails 39-49

Continuing with my the last colour thumbnails, i was trying to rearrange the composition and i like number 36 and 38 as it showed more organic and interesting. Also i was trying to make it more functional as well with the heat and light sources .


  1. Hey! :)
    I really like the composition of 28, it seems as though I could walk into that shot :) with a nice sense of Foreground, mid ground and background too :)

  2. Definitely 34 and 36 for me, absolutely love your camera angle on 36! However I also like 35 and 39 because they're a nice, completely different take on design, but 34 and 36 feel that much more 'lair'-like than the corridor-based 35 and 39 yet you could combine the shapes used in these thumbnails with the egg shapes of other thumbnails - the eggs could be in the floor with 35's shapes in the walls for example :)