Thursday, 14 November 2013

Black Narcissus1947,( Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger) film review

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  1. Hi Candice!
    Firstly, make sure that before you publish your review, it is formatted properly - at the moment, you have a variety of font sizes, and the labels for images are not by the images themselves in some cases.

    Consider where your quotes are coming from - your quote about isolation seems to be talking about the isolation felt by people with physical disabilities... is this relevant to this film review?

    You have touched on the use of the red lipstick as a symbol of the sexual tension felt by the nun; I think you could have expanded on this to talk about the change in the lighting throughout the film to show how the tension was building (how the colours became more saturated and clashing as the tension rose, for example).
    You might have wanted to also talk a bit about the use of the matte paintings, as a way of extending the sets - you have the image there, so make sure you use it! :)