Saturday, 16 November 2013

Develop thumbnail 50-51

this is the development of my final thumbnail from last paint over.Jordan suggested me to think about the architecture of the lair as the environment around this, is a swamp. Therefore, i was trying to create more organic and rocky texture.But not really sure should i add the character into the lair, comment please.


  1. Hi Candice - for me, the addition of the character helps create scale, but only because, right now, there's not enough information in terms of details in your lair to help us understand the scale. I suggest you a) take out the figure and b) invest instead on putting some detail into the surfaces of the interior architecture. You've got that lovely painterly softness going on, but I'd like to see you committing to some more actual detail; for example, there would be some kind of technology, right - tubes and pipes etc? Let's see you get some more detail into your scene - but I'm loving the bold colour! :)

    1. thank you for your comment Phil, and i feel the same as you that looks not right but not wrong , so i just put the figure in to think about the scale , and i am more tending to the Plan B:)