Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Secret Lairs influences maps 1-5

By using mind maps, i am going to explore more and more things would happen in Bayou and the character of inventor i trying to create, and this help me to identify what i am going to present on my concept art and production art.

 this is my first influence map of the colour and also how swamp looks like, i was searching on the specific swamp in the world so it gains more details and references for me to create my thumbnails. I also searched about the living things in the swamp.

This is the concept art i have found on the internet that the composition i am interested in.

This is the ideas when i think about a inventor and the lab set up, and scientist will always go to the exactly places for field trip, therefore, i am thinking my concept inventor is living in the swamp where he is going to invent something inspired by the environment .And some ideas was coming out while i am doing the research. I think i will create some electronic living things in the swamp which were living with him .

Environment & Space -Secret lair

Secret Lair of the Bayou Inventor
"Bayou" and "Inventor" were the words i was given from the briefing yesterday , and i think i am lucky as i have "the lost world" book in last project with the similar location as Bayou, and i am going to explore it more in moist and humid swamp for my concept .

photoshop-pre briefing

this is the research of the pre- briefing i have done in photoshop lesson, choosing specific words to find more useful images for references. this is the secret lairs of the steampunk explorer.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Lost World -Scene 1

life drawing 03

These are my painting in the life drawing lesson with dyes and i haven't really focused on the installation but the colours. Life-drawing are really helpful to make me relaxed when i sit in front of the computer for whole day .And i think this is a good way to experiment colours. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Submission disc design

develop thumbnails-Jungle scene- 140-155

i think doing couples of colour coups and it were really help me to think of what effect i want in my scene and to experiment more possibility in my work , although these painting coups didn't look like those i have done before with strong comparison, by tiny change the colour it can give out really good effect of humid and moistly atmosphere and united the whole concept painting.
And i personally like 148 with sunlight and soft while also 151-153 give really good result of foggy and dramatic moods.

Film review - Alien 1979 Ridley Scott

Concept Artist - who is who

Concept Artist Who is Who

Monday, 21 October 2013

thumbnails 124-139

this is my development from thumbnail 122 from last post, and i am trying to create the river scene of painting and doing it further with composition and colours, thumbnail 128 was created while Rhys and Adam were giving me an idea of the waterfall could be reversed and compare with what i have done was interesting, in 122 i was trying to show audiences how should the river flows and how waterfall should be and 128 was more motional and it gains more on my perspective and depth as audience can see clearly by the river flowing to the same point and the sky be the background. and i have also done the colour coups with colour balance,hue and saturation.

 thumbnail 128

Concept Research- Journey game- thatgamecompany

Journey was a video game produced 2012 by Thatgamecompany and most of the scenes in this game was simple and many landscape design, i am looking with lighting and texture simply use with colours and tones and how to stand out the lights .

This image also give me references to paint the rock .

Saturday, 19 October 2013

develop thumbnails 120-123

This is my develop thumbnails from 104 and 105.

I am still experimenting the composition of the painting rather than the colour, i like the perspective of 120and 121 , 120 was more readable and can be seen clearly with foreground, mid ground and background while 121 was an angle close up the river under the rocky valley so it was more dark than others. 122 was try to create the river run from high to low with few levels but that didn't show the effect i want, should do more research on torrent, 123 was more creative as i was painting whole landscape as a shape and general and it looks like the digram we can see in the maps present the hight.

develop thumbnails 109-119 colour studies

From the last post i have rearranged thumbnail 74 to 109 and this is the further development from 110-119 as i found 109 haven't got a support for the rock and i broke the rock in the middle of the image to make it more interesting.  And i am tried to correct the colour as well, with different lightness, Saturation, hue and colour balance. I have set the scene to sun set/ sunrise, so i tried to make it a little bit darker and 114-117 looks more effective, respond to the aim. 

Friday, 18 October 2013

develop thumbnails 109

thumbnails 74 is one of my final with landscape of mountains and river.
i recreated the thumbnails of the background to make the thumbnail more readable . i created more darker than the original one because the scene i have set was after sunset 
this is my colours studies with warm and complementary colour, as i want to create sun set lighting and going darker

develop thumbnails 108

this is one of my final paintings thumbnails and i combine the composition and colours from thumbnails 101 and 107

thumbnails 108
i found that was a little bit boring of the background ,therefore i added a new layer for complementary colour with orange.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

10 Drawings for Animations and characters

We were asked to draw 10 drawings from Animations and Character last week and i have done more than 10 as i felt it was relaxing and fun .This is my first drawing observing from people, trying to rearrange them together to creative a new interesting composition.

This is a girl sit in front of me and i can only see her back, and i was trying to image her face from the impression of seeing her hair

This is just a random sketch without thinking and let the pencil lead me to play on the paper.

And those below were also the drawings i observed from people and also in images.