Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Film review- 2001 Space odyssey(1968) by Stanley Kubrick

this is the documentary that i  have found on Youtube about the Production of 2001: Space Odyssey


  1. Hello again!

    Couple of technical points for this review... firstly, don't forget to italicise your quotes; likewise the film titles should be in italics - not only the film you are reviewing, but also any others that you are comparing it to.

    Be careful that you use capital letters for film names; Star Wars needs capitals for both words for example.

    Try not to start a sentence with 'And' - your paragraph above that reads

    'And it is noticeable that it was trying to show the evolution of humans and how technology progressing from different timeline from the film. And it was shown the transparent change that the orangutan touch the black wall before and after from vegetarian to carnivore,' makes just as much sense with the 'ands' taken out.

    Make sure that you use the author's surname when referencing - the author you have quoted from here is David W.Patterson, so your reference in the text would be (Patterson, 2004) and the bibliography would be Patterson, D.W.

    Keep your image references separate from your written sources; have an illustrations list for the pictures and the bibliography for the books etc.

    1. thank you jackie :) will be careful next time .