Wednesday, 16 October 2013

life drawing class 2

in personally , life drawing  lesson was the most relax and comforted day during the week to me, As we can be explore our skills and technique while we were observing, and keep ourselves in practice. this is my first drawing with charcoal and pencils. We were drawing the installation and i choose to draw close up objects from it . This is my warm up with general shapes of the objects.
this is a close up picture i took after i have finished the drawing , i tried to use eraser to create the light ,as my drawing was a bit rough, i was trying to use eraser to give the direction of each objects.
After that we draw 6 different drawing on the same sheet in different  ways and i was thinking with different media and skills, some of them were shown that clearly with different surface of the object while some of them i have only spent 2-3 minutes by continuing lines.I have also played with the positive and negative space so it can compare to each other and jump out the effect.  
And this is my favorite drawing which using charcoal to create the background and eraser to erase the positive spaces. And that show really well and outstanding compare with the other drawings.


  1. some lovely drawings here, Candice - LOVE that second drawing - full of energy and very 'futurist' :

  2. See links!