Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Online Greenlight Review


  1. OGR 10/10/2013

    Hey Candice,

    Okay - well, I think The Lost World is a really difficult book, because all the scenes are of natural forms and structures, which means, in terms of design, you're not responsible for imagining man-made structures or sci-fi machines etc. The Lost World is hard, because it sometimes encourages students to 'just draw mountains' or 'just draw trees' or 'just draw landscapes' - and this isn't the point of this brief. We're interested in you 'production designing' a world in readiness for animated film. For this reason, I'd encourage you to look for opportunities to create striking 'larger than life' scenes - and I'm not sure your choice of the 'camp-fire' for example is the sort of 'environment' a concept artist would be asked to explore imaginatively. I think you need to think much BIGGER about this lost world - for example:

    At the moment, everything is very 'human-sized' and not 'ancient' and 'huge' and 'primordial'. For further inspiration, I suggest you look at actual research in terms of how jungles are built from lots and lots of layers of vegetation to get that ancient 'unspoiled' paradise feel: the way that plants grow on other plants and smaller plants grow on them etc. If you think about King Kong, that jungle was rich and huge, with every shot deep with foreground, midground and background.

    I think you need think about the majesty and scale of your environments - you need to 'supersize' your world, Candice - go big!

    I'd like you think about your audience too - is this Lost World animation for young people, so more like this maybe - more cartoony?:

    or more like this?

    1. thank you phil and thats really help for going back on right track , about the design you have said , is it mean the scale of my work can be more imaginative and wide rather than stick on reality ? or it's about the perspective make things bigger or smaller ?

      also the camping fire one is something i thought about when people in natural, fire is like a kind of stroke of human beings. but i think that could be something in my work but not be the main focus.

      and i have borrowed a photography books with Thomas Struth jungles photos ,hope that can help me to go though the observation of real jungles look like.

      and jewel-bright's work was amazed me to be honest as i haven't thought it can be like that geomatic while i thought i should keep my focus on real
      thank you very much:)