Saturday, 19 October 2013

develop thumbnails 120-123

This is my develop thumbnails from 104 and 105.

I am still experimenting the composition of the painting rather than the colour, i like the perspective of 120and 121 , 120 was more readable and can be seen clearly with foreground, mid ground and background while 121 was an angle close up the river under the rocky valley so it was more dark than others. 122 was try to create the river run from high to low with few levels but that didn't show the effect i want, should do more research on torrent, 123 was more creative as i was painting whole landscape as a shape and general and it looks like the digram we can see in the maps present the hight.


  1. 22 is beginning to read nicely as a space.

  2. thank you :) and i like 122 too but need to do more development on that :)