Thursday, 10 October 2013

artist toolkit- Life Drawing 1

Yesterday is our first life drawing lesson and we were asked to bring object to the studio , create an interesting composition for drawing. i have experiences of life drawing when i was in BTEC Diploma ,so that is more confidence to me and comfortable. In the first drawing , i flamed my vision to close up but not doing the whole installation and i haven't put too many details but the outfit of the plants.And i think i should build up the tones with darkness in the next drawing while this drawing was more flat . 

this is my second drawing with the model, i chose to use charcoal because it can build up a lovely tone in short time. and i am focus on doing the feet with a strange perspective and her face next to it .i really love this drawing because the structure of the work shows really well and with tones.

the last drawing is really fun that we rotated five times in clockwise and drawing on people's paper each time to create a interesting drawing with different media and object overlaying and crossing over to each other with different scale and that's create the interesting composition and perspective.
i am really enjoyed in it and really looking forward for next Wednesday of using colour media.

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