Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Secret Lairs influences maps 1-5

By using mind maps, i am going to explore more and more things would happen in Bayou and the character of inventor i trying to create, and this help me to identify what i am going to present on my concept art and production art.

 this is my first influence map of the colour and also how swamp looks like, i was searching on the specific swamp in the world so it gains more details and references for me to create my thumbnails. I also searched about the living things in the swamp.

This is the concept art i have found on the internet that the composition i am interested in.

This is the ideas when i think about a inventor and the lab set up, and scientist will always go to the exactly places for field trip, therefore, i am thinking my concept inventor is living in the swamp where he is going to invent something inspired by the environment .And some ideas was coming out while i am doing the research. I think i will create some electronic living things in the swamp which were living with him .

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  1. Hey Candice, I'm one of your new creative partners along with Anthony, Sam and Livi. I'm really glad to see all this up so quickly and it's great to see your mind maps as it shows exactly your train of thought! It's good that you haven't been too generic in some of your swamp influence research, so I can already so you know that it's better advised to avoid generic thinking :) also check out the details for Wednesdays OGR if you haven't already: