Friday, 31 October 2014

Narrative_ Tree design

 After the feedback from Alan, I have changed the shapes to make it more interesting. Then I change the curves and shapes for the trunk to try different variations.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Narrative_ development of the tree

This is the tree I have developed at this stage. 

Narrative_ Tree design

After the references that I have looked at, I would like it more graphic basic on shapes. I have also looked at the trees in Africa and this really inspired me with the round, fat shape. 

These are the thumbnails I have made but after discussion , they might not be match with our environment style and the sense of African Safari.

So I looked at another image to refine my drawings and Ant suggested me to go for this shapes.

After that I combines the ideas together and come up an idea of keeping the realistic of the branches and simplify the shape of the leaves. But at the minute the branches lines are too sharp for our environment background.

 So I refined the lines and at the end of the branches, instead of using pointy and sharp end, I choose to make it round so it united the drawings and the style.

I am going to make it more details and ready for Maya modelling .

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Character class _ 23.10.2014

Today we are focusing more on environment designs for the characters. I have been given the guy and I have not idea what world he is in the game and how he function but the outfits gives me the idea of protector in a big city, so it helps me to create the environment.

Narrative_ Environment tree design

We are thinking to model the tree and grass in 3D to make the environment more united with the characters. I am going to design the shape with texture which similar to the background but more pastel so it wont affect the characters too much. These are the image I have found in the internet and helps to to think about the design.

The images below are closer to the style we would like to go for.

Character_ Animals design

This is the animals character thumbnails I have progressed though the last week. After the tutorials, Justin suggested me to design the animals body as well to make it more 3D. I am going to more explore of the animals in reality for research and transform the shape after.

Narrative_ animatic with sounds

I have edited the sounds and this is the early stage of the sounds, will do more refinement on it.


This is the sounds I have found at this stage, I have also find a actual video from youtube that recorded different sounds of Hyena but I am waiting for the person's reply for the permission.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Narrative_ Pattens thumbnails

I have looked at more african textiles books from library and the follow are the day and night, for the warm colour one, we like the top right one and the night one we like the bottom middle and right. I am going to develop more in these three and move on to environment concept art in next stage. 

Narrative_ Patten design's references

Yayoi Kasama is one of my favourite artist, I am attracted by the patterns and the colours and I like the idea of using mirrors to create the reflections. Also it is impressive to put patterns on different objects to create texture and I think that is similar to our art direction.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Character 21.10.2014

We asked to pick a word from the others and I have got Vehicles and I think of messenger and transformations and transference. 
Another task of have a original character and transform it to a French revolution style. 

Character - idea and influences map

After last tutorial with Justin, he suggested me to re-think the idea of gender and the role they play.And I got an idea of the creation and the garden of Eden. The first model and representative of  male and female. An app tablet game that growing plants and ruling animals follow by the instruction of God.

I am researching on the sounds that give me inspire in the game, it gives me an idea of journey adventure levels .

Monday, 20 October 2014

Narrative _ Patterns Thumbnails

This is the thumbnails I inspired by the patterns and colour, I personally like middle top and bottom right one. 

Narrative- Colour and Pattern References

We have decided to change the style from realistic to more simple but with laying pattern textures, so it can give more content of the environment.I have also looked at the patterns on African Architecture and fabrics and the colours , so it can merge together on cave painting.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Maya: Dynamics Part1: Sketching Particles, Cloud & Ballon

Narrative-Concept References

After the Tutorial, we are going forward to the concept that having simple shapes of style with African art and cave painting style of texture.Alan suggested us to think about the context while we designs the characters.The animations below helps me to take references on the style and texture we can go for.

CG Artist's Toolkit- Maya tutorial- The mouth

This is my maya tutorial modelling of the mouth.

Narrative- Storyboard

I have a discussion with Ruby Yesterday, she brought her ideas with the inspiration from" going on a bear hunt"and she said about going up and below to go through the grass. She came up an idea of  the hyena waiting the porcupine in the hole. After that I have explored the a bit more that the porcupine fall in the hole spinning in the air and his back face to hyena mouth. And I also think of "Angry birds" that bouncing a few time before it stop and I add that in our story as well. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Narrative - Freytag's Pyramid- The Tourist

The Tourist (2010)

Exposition & Inciting Incident:
Elise is followed by the french police and she is trying to meet up with Alexander who is a crime .He has changed his face and sent a letter to Elise to distracted the police by finding someone like him on the train to Venice.And she found Frank who is a guy traveling from America.

Rising Action:
She spent the whole time and act like a couple to make the police think Frank is Alexander, to take action to catch him. Elise rescued him and tell him what is actually happening and she is the agent of Scotland Yard, then ask him to leave but Frank refused to do it. So he come back and try to help Elise but caught by the Italian police which get paid from Shaw to exchange him.

But later he is caught by the police and Elise is forced by Shaw to open the safe. Only Alexander will know the password and Shaw was really angry and frustrated because the police is trying to catch them along the whole thing happen.

Falling Action:
Frank knows Elise is danger though the monitors at the police and he escape from it and try to save her. He pretend he is Alexander and trying to open the safe. He tells Elise that he love her but Elise feel really sad and sorry because she loves him too and also Alexander. But after Frank open the safe, she knows that Frank and Alexander are the same person.

 They managed to kill Shaw and they leave a cheque of the money he need to give it back to the police and he and Elise run away together.

Narrative -Archetype- The Lego movie

The Lego movie

The hero: Emmet 
An everyman and construction worker from Bricksburg who is mistaken for the Special.

The mentor: Vitruvius
A blind old wizard who have train Emmet.

The Herald: Lucy
One of the Master Builders and Emmet's love interest.

The shadow: Lord Business,
An evil businessman and tyrant of Bricksburg who is the company president of the Octan Corporation under the name President Business.

The Threshold guardian: Bad cop police officer
The one who serves Lord Business as a member of the Super Secret Police.

The trickster:Batman & Lucy
Those on the journey with Emmet

The shapeshifter:Batman
Used to be Lucy's boyfriend but because the world is been destroyed, he left her to save himself.

Allie's: Lucy
Always helps Emmet in dangers and save him in fights.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Character Practice_ shapes

We have focused on the shapes of designs,in logical and functional to the audiences. I have given witch and this is my sketches of good and bad witches.

Character- brain storming

I have got Industry, Gender and Strength, and I have explored the ideas separately.

1. Industry
It makes me think of tubes and adventures. For examples Super Mario .

It can be the adventure in human body in a metabolic systems.

And I have looked at the icons and I think it could also be a instruction game like with icons to show the think it can happen or play in the game. Such as cooking mama.

Playing the game by following the instructions, you need to control the pressure or the way it ask you to be, other rise it will fail.

I am a bit struggled to think about that and I think it could be a combination with the industry which like an education game of show the body system.But more than that it could also be the hero's story in a RPG like Sims to start the adventure.

3. Strength
when I think about strength in a game, I think of strength in physically force like bubble dragon by holding and releasing the click to shoot the bubbles. And it gives me an idea of double battles where shooting the bubbles below , more you success, you kill more things on the top.

Narrative- Slapstick comedy references

I have tried to find more references on the slapstick comedy in animations, and I have found these animation which is similar to what we want for our animation.

Pixar's animation always inspired me in character designs and it really build up the whole story because of the character personality. 

Narrative- Environment researches & thumbnails

 As we are going for still camera animation with 2D  painting background of the day and night, I have looked at the environment and colours that we want for our animation. And by the image I have researched on, I have drawn some thumbnails that in the kind of style we want.

Also I have looked at the stage design of the Lion King musical which really inspired me of simple shape and plain background but different texture will bring a good quality to the work.