Thursday, 30 October 2014

Narrative_ Tree design

After the references that I have looked at, I would like it more graphic basic on shapes. I have also looked at the trees in Africa and this really inspired me with the round, fat shape. 

These are the thumbnails I have made but after discussion , they might not be match with our environment style and the sense of African Safari.

So I looked at another image to refine my drawings and Ant suggested me to go for this shapes.

After that I combines the ideas together and come up an idea of keeping the realistic of the branches and simplify the shape of the leaves. But at the minute the branches lines are too sharp for our environment background.

 So I refined the lines and at the end of the branches, instead of using pointy and sharp end, I choose to make it round so it united the drawings and the style.

I am going to make it more details and ready for Maya modelling .

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