Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Character- brain storming

I have got Industry, Gender and Strength, and I have explored the ideas separately.

1. Industry
It makes me think of tubes and adventures. For examples Super Mario .

It can be the adventure in human body in a metabolic systems.

And I have looked at the icons and I think it could also be a instruction game like with icons to show the think it can happen or play in the game. Such as cooking mama.

Playing the game by following the instructions, you need to control the pressure or the way it ask you to be, other rise it will fail.

I am a bit struggled to think about that and I think it could be a combination with the industry which like an education game of show the body system.But more than that it could also be the hero's story in a RPG like Sims to start the adventure.

3. Strength
when I think about strength in a game, I think of strength in physically force like bubble dragon by holding and releasing the click to shoot the bubbles. And it gives me an idea of double battles where shooting the bubbles below , more you success, you kill more things on the top.

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