Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Narrative - Freytag's Pyramid- The Tourist

The Tourist (2010)

Exposition & Inciting Incident:
Elise is followed by the french police and she is trying to meet up with Alexander who is a crime .He has changed his face and sent a letter to Elise to distracted the police by finding someone like him on the train to Venice.And she found Frank who is a guy traveling from America.

Rising Action:
She spent the whole time and act like a couple to make the police think Frank is Alexander, to take action to catch him. Elise rescued him and tell him what is actually happening and she is the agent of Scotland Yard, then ask him to leave but Frank refused to do it. So he come back and try to help Elise but caught by the Italian police which get paid from Shaw to exchange him.

But later he is caught by the police and Elise is forced by Shaw to open the safe. Only Alexander will know the password and Shaw was really angry and frustrated because the police is trying to catch them along the whole thing happen.

Falling Action:
Frank knows Elise is danger though the monitors at the police and he escape from it and try to save her. He pretend he is Alexander and trying to open the safe. He tells Elise that he love her but Elise feel really sad and sorry because she loves him too and also Alexander. But after Frank open the safe, she knows that Frank and Alexander are the same person.

 They managed to kill Shaw and they leave a cheque of the money he need to give it back to the police and he and Elise run away together.

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