Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Narrative tutorial 07-10-2014

After a week of the ideas development, we all came up with different ideas, and finally we pick up different special ideas and combine them together. And this is the story where we have before the tutorial.
A old, grumpy porcupine walking from day to night. There is a hyena see him since he is walking, and use different solution to eat the porcupine but never get him and hurt himself more and more serious. (This give a graduation of slapstick comedy where the hyena make more silly decisions with fade out scenes by editing at the end of the production to save time. ) After he gets tired and he just want to have last go to him, while the porcupine is stilling walking lead by the glow little bud.The porcupine eat the bud and it explore in him month and his spike comes out, it hit the hyena when he is on the tree and because of that he fly away by the branches.

Then we had the tutorial which went well with the character and the story lines although we have missed the middle of the story.It is good with contrast and graduation with the porcupine and the hyena. Alan suggested us to make the hyena get something at the end so it is double win. We were thinking a fruit drop after he fly away by the branches. Also, he suggested us to have a good set up for the information scene to provide the content for the audiences, using props like long grass and trees and hide the hyena by the very beginning to show his character more in a short time. Also we can do more design on the porcupine character to use his defence system more and how the attacks happen and also how he lead by thing and mis-distracted  and unaware the things around him.

In the style view, we are going to do more research on the African art and cave painting, and the character view, we are going to find the real person or from different people at combine together.

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