Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Reflections on tutorial and researches

After the tutorial from Alan yesterday, we get more ideas and reflections on the connection with the phrase and the  reasons why the narrative happen. Alan helped us to rethink the researches about Mr.bean as the unknowing danger but showing the audiences full picture. Because the character doesn't know what is happening , it gives a humor of expectations verse structures. This gives the audiences a reward and brings out the phrase more outstanding by the unexpected.And we are going into two directions, 
1.we are going to choose the animals with physical defense in their body or they are big, old/chill creatures like elephants and rhino verse a small, fast and silly animals.The big one don't know actually there is a little one next or behind him...

2. The porcupine reaching for something and he is focusing what he is doing but there is something behind him, trying to eat him, and things happen to make him pop out the spike and kill the animals behind him...

After this, I have watched the Ice Age where the funny scenes of Scrat and Sid and how they connect together.

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