Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Narrative film- The Hero's journey- The Chronicles of Narnia

On Friday of the film lecture, we have look at the hero's journey structure of different films and we watched "The Last Star fighter". It shown the patterns of  how hero narrative been developed. The follow film review is using the same hero's journey which applied to another film- "The Chronicles of Narnia".

Ordinary World:
The world with wars and the children were sent to a professor's house.

The Call of the adventure:
Playing hide and seek in the house and found the way to Narnia at the back door of the wardrobe. And met the people and said they are the one to reveal the prophecies.

Refusal the call:
Because they know they don't belongs to Narnia and the elder brother and sister(Peter and Susan) trying to protect the other two.

Meeting the Mentor:
Peter and Susan have a talk with the professor who lives in the house and lead them to believe their younger sister.

Crossing the Threshold:
They broke one of the window and the women is going to get them and they hide in the wardrobe and enter to Narnia.

Test,Allies& Enemies:
Peter,Susan and Lucy are heading to see the Lion and prepare to fight back Edmond was distracted by the queen.

Aslans  encourage and equip for the war and where are they going to. Aslan also anointed them to be the warrior king and queen.

The Ordeal, Death and Rebirth:
Aslans was shamed and died for his people but when the sunrise he be alive later.

The Reward:
Peter takes the position of leading Aslan and ready to fight back,

The road back:
Edmond nearly died and Lucy give him the healing portion to save him back.

The Resurrection:
Aslans is back , he gives the lives back to those been frozen by the queen and end the war.

Return with Elixir:
They win the war and return ,The ceremony anointed them to be the kings and queens.Back to their world.

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