Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Part A: Narrative

In this part of the project, we are asked to create a 30s-1min short animation which advertising a phrase creatively.We are working as a team with Ruby and Ant. These are the environment and the phrase we have been given to.

On Safari
"A little of what your fancy does you good"

After we got the cards, our first thoughts are to make an animation about animals in a funny way. Because of the limitation of the animation time , we are going to explore and research different ideas individually and come back together with a good idea but keep it simple so audiences can catch it quickly. When we look at the phrase, Ant mentioned that what our fancy about doesn't always make you good and that is a really interesting point that we can explore. As the narrative project runs for 12 weeks, we are thinking to use two weeks time to define what we want and how to make it in style and concept.

The links below are the animations i am looking at the moment:

After the briefing we all feel like this is  the kind of style we are looking for.

And the following are the short, funny animation which is basic on Safari.

Also the " Rollin' Safari" makes me think about the sounds, the ability to tell the audiences when it start , short cut to the scene so it doesn't need to give any background before the narrative. And it inspired me to think what is actually important and what we want to bring out.

The famous animation film from Dreamwork- Madagascar, it's a good character references that I found. They are more like a human than actual animals with different personalities.

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