Thursday, 25 September 2014

Narrative Ideas

We put the ideas together and we are going to use one still camera to present the animation. We are thinking to pick a kind of animals where live in safari to be the character. It could be a main character in the front and few more at the back doing silly things. After the inspiration we found yesterday, we think of using speak bubbles to present what they are thinking about or an interview with the animal with voice over. Creature Comforts is another references for us as doing a interview.

We brainstorm how to make the animation funny, we think of making the biggest animals to be the smallest and the way around, but then we think it will be good to focus on one kind than many, so this is the ideas come up to us.

- a hippo on a diet because he think he is fat and he see another hippo eating a lot just like where he was 
-he is really hungry and he thought the flamingo or something in front of him is a piece of fruit and he crew it down .
- the phrase comes after this.

-Porcupine eating a pine cone.
-He found there is a bottle of pepper and he try that.
-He likes it and putting more and more to the pine cone.
-The lid of pepper fall off and all the pepper come out.
-He breath in and sneezes it out and his spikes all pop out and it kill something at the back 
 -He is naked and embarrassed
 -The phrase comes after this

Giraffe :
-A normal giraffe eating leaves as usual
-Zoom to another giraffe which next to it but he doesn't have a long neck 
-The little one climb up to the normal one and eating the top of the tree leaves with different way
-The little one only eat some a day but the normal one constantly eating
-Zoom out to the whole picture , the normal one is really fat.
-The phrase comes after this

Idea 1
- The elephant find some balloons.
- He catch them and play around with it .
- He found it funny when they breath in the helium and make a high pitched voice.
- He breath in too much and lost his voice and he become bigger and bigger.
- He fly away and no one can help it stop.
-The phrase comes after this.
Idea 2
- Two elephants playing in the water and start fighting gun game with water.
-One of them gets annoyed and suck it too much water.
-He start sinking/ there is no more water leave in the pool.
-The phrase comes after this.

- Standing in the pool fishing.
-He fishes one and he wants more.
- He keep fishing and there is no more room to suck anymore in his mouth.
- His head become really heavy and fell down to the pool.
-He struggle to get his head up again 
-The phrase comes after this.

I came up another idea that the perspective of the camera is setting in the car looking out the window to record the animals and start with really cute and sweet little thing and they still staying or keep doing it and something horrible/ funny happen. Then the phrase comes after this. The video below is the inspiration of this idea.

We also look at" Jungle Junction" as a references for our style, simple modelling but cute and audiences feel invited . 

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