Friday, 26 September 2014

Video Clips Researches

We had a tutorial with Alan yesterday and shared our ideas we got. He suggested us to explore more in researches before we get our ideas down. Alan also mentioned to be careful of interrupting the phrase, that present the message in a positive way to make the audiences feel benefit when it does good.He also suggested us to look at slapstick comedy. It is a kind of comedy that reinterpret our common senses and tropes, bring out surprises to the audiences and it is performative.  After this conversation we all felt we could make it in a comparison of doing good and bad, big and small or visual and sound. We also found that the phrase was from the old song by Marie Lloyd. Ruby suggested that may be we can add the chorus like " dumb ways to die".

The video clips below are the reseaches I have look at. I have look at Charlie Chaplin's movies who is a famous slapstick silence comedy , using his body language to present the jokes. 


After that I look at Mr.bean that one of my favorite comedy I have ever watched. In the same way as Charlie Chaplin, he used his body to present the jokes. Audiences can also read his mind easily that what he is going to do next but it always out of expectations. 

Kung Fu Hustle is a comedy movie, although it released in recently years, they reinterpreted the jokes and expand the impressions in our common sense and it is another performance of using body to make jokes.


After look at the movies, I have also look at the old animations like Droppy Dog and Tom and Jerry. Even they are all animals, it makes them more like a human of designing their looks and personality to make the animation more interesting.

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