Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Character Briefing

We have started our 10 weeks character project from today, we are asked to create a game and selling it. It could be in any ways of presenting it in 2 character and a environment with game starter page. 

My cards are 
-''Industry''- machines/ reproduction

-'' Gender''- Male/Female/Attraction

-'' Strength"- Durability/ weakness

I started it with mix and match with different position to put those words into Character, Environment and Mechanism and I came up with these three brain storm ideas.

1. An educational game, to learn the reproductive system in human's body and how the energy be transfer to different part of body to make us work.

2. A role play game where the scientist in the factory to research the gender experiences.

3.A app game of the man/woman adventuring inside machines.

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