Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Narrative -Archetype- The Lego movie

The Lego movie

The hero: Emmet 
An everyman and construction worker from Bricksburg who is mistaken for the Special.

The mentor: Vitruvius
A blind old wizard who have train Emmet.

The Herald: Lucy
One of the Master Builders and Emmet's love interest.

The shadow: Lord Business,
An evil businessman and tyrant of Bricksburg who is the company president of the Octan Corporation under the name President Business.

The Threshold guardian: Bad cop police officer
The one who serves Lord Business as a member of the Super Secret Police.

The trickster:Batman & Lucy
Those on the journey with Emmet

The shapeshifter:Batman
Used to be Lucy's boyfriend but because the world is been destroyed, he left her to save himself.

Allie's: Lucy
Always helps Emmet in dangers and save him in fights.


  1. Hi Candice....Great choice of Hero's Journey movie...your choices look good and appropriate however Allies would be a collection of characters (Lucy, Batman, Uni-Kitty etc) and the trickster could be Space Benny (The Spaceman / Comedy Relief) with Lucy/ Wildstyle as the Shapeshifter. The Herald is "One who brings the Call to Adventure - Could be a person or an event" so in this case possibly finding the Craggle.

    Also, you've written Allien's instead of Allie's.

    1. Thank you Alan ,
      I did think there will be more characters in Allie's and trickster but not sure if it could be a lot.