Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The shining 1980-Stanley Kubrick film review


  1. Morning Candice!

    You have again touched on some of the more interesting themes and ideas in the film; I think that perhaps you could have talked a bit more about the hotel building itself, and how it was symbolic of the madness....the patterned maze-like carpets, and the stark lighting for example.
    Technically, try and introduce your quotes rather than just putting them in one after the other, and insert them within the text. So you could say, for example,

    'As Jenkins observes, “ By simplifying both the plot and Jack’s character...etc.' From this, the audience could infer that.....' etc
    When referencing within the text, you are almost there :) It should be a colon between the year and the page number though, so (Jenkins, 1997:158)
    In the bibliography, this is the order you need the info in -

    Author's surname, then initial
    Publication year in round brackets
    Title (in italics.)
    Name or number of edition in round brackets (if applicable)
    Place of Publication

    1. thank you very much :) Jackie ,could i book a tutorial with you about my essay as well??