Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Year 3 - project proposal- personal story

Over the summer I have been thinking what to do in the future and I would love to become an illustrator and artist for children books and animations. I would love to explore and focus more on my personal style and environment designs in the coming year. Therefore I would like to create a year project, an animation base on my personal story, a testimony of myself finding my identity and security.
My idea come from  the Hermit Crab and  visualise my story into this concept. Hermit Crab is a kind of crab which keep changing shells as they are growing. Since I was little, my parents always been busy in work and I was under care by different family members or nursery centre and I was always confused where am I going, who am I staying with. I didn't understand the different between shelter and  home. As I was getting older , it is no just about a physical home anymore but I went into different "shells" like family, school, relationships where people told me who I am, how I should be and what I should become.
The main scene will be the crab walking on the beach as the timeline of my journey. I would like to create different environments or world when the crab get into different shells/ rubbishes /objects, and the environments will be animated line up with my voice over.
These are few researches I have been looking at:


  1. There is definitely the seed of something in this idea Candice. Although its strikes me more a story/theme about finding 'home' and the right fit for you eg 'Home is where the heart is'. You could also think about this in more fantastical ways rather than pure reality - particularly if you're wanting to go with a more child based style of illustrating.

  2. Eg the 'shells' the crab lives in are culturally and physically inspired by the real world...such as an English Mansion or a Chinese house.

    1. Thank you Alan , There are something going on my mind in designs that I can't really explain it very clear , I will start myself with some drawings :)