Thursday, 6 November 2014

Character Analysis _ Maleficent

Wants: The revenge to the King because he has treated on her and cursed on the princess to make him suffering. She build up her own kingdom to against the king.

Needs : The king have cut off her wings when he wants the authority of the kingdom to prove her dead, she can't fly anymore.

Change: She saw the purity and beauty of the princess's heart and she loved her like a daughter. She softened her heart from anger to love.

Flaw : Maleficent was hopeless and shut herself in her own world after the hurt. But She felt guilty when she can't take away the curse and regretted what she have done to the princess as she think there is no true love in the world.

Conflict: she was a guardian elf who shows love and kind to the woods, who used to bless everyone but because of the curse she become a witch and curse and selfish, but every time and after it always conflicts her when she did wrong things but not mean to be good. 

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