Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage-Influence maps

As I am going to set my audiences range to 10+ teenagers, I am thinking what kind of styles or ways that will attract them to be focus. And I think vintage will be a good point to start with because it is back again as a trend to young generations in fashion or other areas. Therefore I was looking at the patterns, signs and photographies from the old time to the transformations in vintage style but more contemporary way. And It is noticeable that the designs below was quite attractive on its own pieces and it was clearly provide informations to the audiences.

After that, I was looking at Pixar's animations which were popular to young age with their colours, tones and stories. I researched on " Brave " and "The Bug's life" for references. And "The Bug's life" is inspiring in scale as there are always shots in mico world in audiences eyes while is a big world for the character lives. And I like the concept arts that were quite flats 3D by building up with layers. 

And this is my colour influences map. As I think fairy tale were still a big market for teenager. And they were full of wonder, love and romance. I looked at their colour tones and they all really peace and joy which brought a good emotions to audiences.

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