Thursday, 19 February 2015

Part B : Artist references

From the beginning of the animation I start it with Werther in his dream/ vision that he is chasing after the shadow of the woman he loves though the mirrors in the dark. I have this idea because it would able to show the inner expressions and his desire to be with her but at the end she marry someone else which broke his heart to suicide. It is the imagination in his head so I think of the surrealist style of the narrative. In the first scene it will be in the dark and many mirrors appear in the midst and the shadow of this women moving though the mirror that Werther is chasing after that.
This makes me think of ''Un Chien Andalou" which made by Dali and there is a scene where a lots of eye . 

I also look at Rene Magritte's painting which inspired me the reflection from the mirror and the space of compositions.

Lastly, Joe Webb who is a collage artist, he has made a collection of the couple collage which is really similar to how I would like to present the shadow. 

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