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Adaptation Part A : Script

Script: The Gross facts about food people eat in Asia

- When you are traveling to a Eastern countries what's your expectation of the food ? 
- Sushi?  Roast duck?  bubble tea? or something challenging you to try?
-Here present,
-The Gross facts about food people eat in Asia !!!

-No.10, The bird's net soup
- It is a soup people eat it as a dessert and  have been used in Chinese cooking for over 400 years. 
-Basically they are the saliva of swallow which is prized due to their rarity and supposedly exquisite flavour. 
-They are among the most expensive animal products with an average nest selling for 250 pounds per kg for end- consumers in Asia.
- The texture of it isn't too bad , it's like jelly, like Snivel.

-No.9, chicken feet
- It is a part of the chicken that is edible in Asia and it is really popular. 
-Different countries in Asia have their own way to cook them. In China, they serve as beer snack, cold dish, soup or main dish ; 
-In Korea they cook it with hot chilli sauce and serve with alcohol; 
-In Malaysia they cook with Malay curry and eat with Paratha.
-Most of the edible tissue on the feet consists of the the skin and tendons which its a texture different from the rest of the chicken. 

-No. 8, Blood Tofu 
It is popular snack in Hong Kong serve with soup.
- It is made by pigs or ducks blood. It's appeared from the meat factory where they process the meat , people gather the extra blood in a big pot and it clotted like a jelly.
- So people think maybe it can be used or sell instead of throwing it away. 

-No.7, the deer's tire powder
-It comes from a tribe in Taiwan which they believe it is a good and prized medication for people, especially those got Asthma.
- People take it when it's still in the deer's womb or miscarriage from a deer foetus, dry it and grind to powder.

- No.6  Boiled intestine sausage
- It is a popular snacks around Asia. 
-In Korea it is called Sundae, a type of Korean snacks which is a blood sausage made with various ingrediens and in different countries they put different ingredients in the intestine.
- For example in Taiwan , they will cook it with peanuts and Glutinous rice fill with the whole intestine and steamed it then cut it into slices, can serve with sweet and chili sauce, ketchup or soya sauce.
- It can really compare to American Hot dog.

-No. 5 Balut egg
It is a developing duck embryo which has fertilised for 15-18 days,people boiled it  and ate in the shell. 
-It is commonly sold in china and south east Asia as street snacks. People often serve it with beer.

-No.4 Natto beans
It is a traditional side in Japanese culture. It is made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus. Some people will eat it as a breakfast with rice. 
-How to make your Natto?
-They eat Natto with Japanese mustard, egg and mix it together with green onions and put it over the rice.
- It may be an acquired taste because of its powerful smell, strong flavour and slimy texture. 

-No.3 Raw Octopus 
-It is a variety raw dish in Korean cuisine. 
-It consists of live small octopus that has been cut into small pieces and served immediately to customers. 
-It usually lightly seasoned with sesame and sesame oil. 
-The octopus pieces are usually still moving on the plate and also when you eat it.
- Be careful~

No.2 Raw spoon worms - Gaebul fish
- It is a Live spoon worm or urechis unicinctus is just as strange as strange gets when it comes to appearance. 
- The fish is commonly referred to as the fat innkeeper worm or penis fish.
-Korea is one of the only places in the world that eats raw spoon worm
- Once it is taken out of the water, it will reduce all the sea water in its body and 10 times smaller then it was in the water. 
- people served it as a raw fish dish and cut it into pieces. 
- And it has a chewy and slimy texture.

No.1 Shiokara
-It is a side dish in Japanese cuisine made from various marine animals which consists of small pieces of meat in a brown viscous paste of the animal's heavily salted, fermented viscera. 
-ILL !!!!
- The raw viscera are mixed with salt, malted rice and packed in a close container , fermented for up to a month!!.
-This is a dish which out of your description  !! 
-Ahhh!!! It looks like brains!!!!

- Carry your journey with courage and challenge!
-10 gross foods people eat in Asia~

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