Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Adaptation partA:Idea rethink- The Gross facts about what people eat in Asia

After the pitch, I have re-thinked the idea for the "Gross facts about ....", and I think introducing the food in Asian will be a good idea as most of the people from western countries find it hard and gross to eat them.

1. chicken feet , people eat them as snacks with beer.
2.Gaebul live spoon worms, it is a Korean seafood that people eat it when they still alive. 

3. live Octopus

4.Deer's tire powder from Taiwan, one of the tribe believe that it is a really good medication for people who got asthma .
5. Boiled Intestine Sausage from Korean , It is a type of blood sausages with various ingredients .
6.Balut from China and south-east Asia, it is boiled and fertilised egg, people think this is really good for men because it has rich proteins.
7. Bird's net soup, it is expensive and people believe it is good for women and for beauty. They are the saliva from Swiftlets.

8. Blood tofu from Hong Kong, it is made with pig's or duck's blood and it is a snacks people have with soup.

9. Old baked beans from japan, they eat them with rice.

10. Shiokara – Japan It is the meat selections from different seafood mixed with the seasoning and fermented viscera.

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