Friday, 16 January 2015

Adaptation Part A : Style & presentation method researches

For my Info- graphics of the Gross facts about the food people eat in Asia, I am going to find ten top gross food in Asia and present them of counting down so the facts will become more gross and gross. I will talk about where it comes from and how people start eating it as the content.Besides, to make it more gross in visual, I am going to put the images associate with something which is similar colour and texture to brings sensation to the audiences how it actually feel.

Instead of using real images to present how gross it is, I am going to do it through Illustration or photoshop to create the images and using sound effect to make it more disgusting.  In style, as I am presenting the gross food in Asia which including different countries, I am thinking to use the Asia's patterns, the countries's flag colour and Asian traditional music which shows in the background to give more informations. 

The following videos inspired me to which art style I am going for and the way to present it.

This animation directed by Andrew Allen inspired me to use asian patterns to rich the background.

Dump ways to die help me with the colour choices and how to make it gross but not over the line.

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