Thursday, 8 October 2015

Minor Project _ Art direction researches

For my art direction and style I am looking for a big comparison between the Hermit crab and the environments and objects around it. Therefore I tried to  get some inspirations though researches and references. And I have found this video on Vimeo which helps me to think about the temple and movement of transition. 

Although I will test it myself to see if it will look nicely in transparence with impressionist texture environments, this is something I imagine when I think of texturing the crab in glass like texture.

As I am going to texture the crab to transparent, it gives me to create some interesting texture animation on the surface or inside the crab when the animation goes on. Rosalyn has suggested me to add this kind of movement at the below video, colour changes when the emotion change in my animation which I think it is very interesting.

She also showed me some  images of glowing animals in the sea which inspired me that to present my story in a different way.

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