Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Minor Project_ Art style development

After the tutorial on Friday with Alan, This week I am focusing on the storyline and style I am pushing forward to. Alan suggested me to think about how to present the hermit crab when it is changing the shells, when it without a shell and how to not make it too gross. I start researching how they looks like in structure and colours.

As this is a personal story and the hermit crab as the shadow of myself. Rather just create a texture of how they look like, I refresh my thinking of how I used to think myself in my memories. And an interesting thing come up to me is that I used to think I am one of those who are invisible. I was in a invisible bubble living my own life, people comes and goes and being busy and I am not going anywhere. Somehow I felt like I am an Alien to those around me and lead me to think where I belongs to. Therefore I am thinking to texture the crab in transparency or glass like texture to express and bring out the difference between the crab and the environments and objects.


  1. I saw your post and it got me thinking as I think it could be really beautiful with the transparency stuff
    If the crab were see-through maybe something inside its body could happen? like bursts of colour to show if youre feeling sad/happy etc
    Ive linked some images of other see creatures that are transparent and the Robinsons advert where the 'juice' swirls around in a happy rhythm...
    I hope this helps
    Images -

    Robinsons Advert -

    1. Thank you Rosalyn :) yea, I did think of like patterns or things come out when the animation goes on :)