Friday, 9 October 2015

Minor Project_ Storyline

This is my storyline that I am thinking about how would the animation going and what things will be showing on screen and to line up with my voice over. I will have a main scene which is the beach, and will have three shells which are Hong Kong and England and after I become a Christian, when the crab get into the shells, it will like travelling the imagine world. The animation timeline will be from the morning to evening.

-Introduction of the scene which is on the beach (Main scene) which is in the morning.

-Zoom in the the Hermit crab (myself), walking searching on the beach like a kid. 

-Get into the first shell (which is my hometown-HK),  camera shows the design at the same time  when the crab get in to the shell.

-[Shell of HK] There will be lots of door and the crab is travelling to different one to show how I feel  when I was young keep moving to someone's care.

-[Main scene] carrying the HK shell and walk on the beach.

-People's foot start walking in the scene (presenting school, family voices of what they think I should  be)and the ground is shaking and the crab try to escape and not get kill.

-The tide is rising as the day pass by and the water run towards the crab (represent myself arrive to  England) and it found another shell when the water fall back.

-The crab look around the shell first before it gets in because of the last experiences.

-It gets into the second shell(which is England)

-[Shell of England] There is nothing there and empty/full of sand and the crab is falling down/sinking (as there is nothing  I am leaning or standing on) and it fall down on a rock and found the third shell.

-Introduce the third shell which is a glass like texture as well. The crab walk closer to the shell carefully and the reflection shows itself how it looks like, it get into the shell slowly and it fit prefect to it. It finds a shell that it belongs to.

-[Main scene] It is almost evening and the hermit crab walking on the beach. As the sun light goes, the hermit crab start glowing in the dark and walk confidently of how it looks like and the shell it belongs to.

-Zoom out of the beach showing actually there are lots of different kinds of  hermit crab walking on the beach as well (we all looking for our identities and where we belongs to ).

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