Friday, 2 October 2015

Minor Project_ Mindmap

As for this project I would like to create different environments when the crab is in different shells/objects. Therefore I try to use  mind map to think and organise what I want to talk about and how I feel about those environment.
I am thinking to create three to four environments and animated when the crab go into different places or shells. I simply wrote down how I felt and experienced in those environments. To be honest I think it will be an open ending for my animation because I am still on that journey. I am imperfect, but I know I am getting there and everyday I am getting closer.
I am going to start recording myself of telling the story instead of writing a script first, because it is a personal story and feelings which I feel more comfortable to bring out what I want to say .Then I can organise what I am saying though doing the script.

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